Administration Position being discussed

On September 27, 2018 the Town of Waukesha will discuss the title Administrator.
Below is a working draft to start discussion.

Town of Waukesha


Job Description

The Administrator is the manager of the Town. He/she is accountable directly to the Town Chairperson and must follow all written orders from the Town Board members that are not in conflict with state laws.  The administrator is responsible for the implementation of policy established by the Town board and for the overall performance of the Town’s administration.  He/she is responsible for the supervision and evaluation over all aspects of Town administration including management of personnel and equipment.


  1. Be responsive to the Town Board
  2. Implement and monitor the Town Budget, policies and ordinances.
  3. Comply with all Federal and State statutes.
  4. Compliance with all local ordinance and laws Insure expenditures are made as intended by the Town Board to ensure the financial health of the Town.
  5. Supervision of all Town non-elected employees and maintenance of all records.
  6. Effectively communicate with the Town Board and the public.


  1. Requires a Bachelor Degree in Public Administration or related field, six (6) years of experience in government administration, with at least three years of municipal government experience.
  2. Must possess the ability to be bonded.
  3. Holds a valid Wisconsin driver’s license.
  4. Working knowledge of applicable computer systems and software, inclusive of financial software.
  5. Physically capable of lifting 15lbs
  6. Effective verbal and written communication skills, computer skills.


  1. Carry out all directives of the Town Board which require administrative implementation, reporting promptly to the Town Board any difficulties encountered therein.
  2. Be responsible for the administration of all day-to-day operations of the Town government, including an awareness of enforcement of all Town ordinances and State statutes.
  3. Establish, when necessary, administrative procedures to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the Town government not inconsistent with Town Board directives.
  4. Make recommendations to the Town Board to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Town government.
  5. Keep informed concerning current county, state and federal legislation and administrative rules affecting the Town and submit appropriate reports and recommendations to the Town Board.
  6. Keep informed concerning the availability of county, state and federal funds for local programs. Assist department heads and the Town Board in obtaining these funds under the direction of the Town Board.
  7. Represent the Town in matters involving legislation and intergovernmental affairs as authorized and directed.
  8. Establish and maintain procedures to facilitate the communication between citizens and Town government to assure that complaints, grievances, recommendations, and other matters receive prompt attention.
  9. Oversee all Town owned buildings and grounds. The administrator shall also operate the maintenance of all Town property, lands, buildings and equipment and the construction or improvements undertaken either directly or indirectly by the Town.
  10. Attend all meetings of the Town Board.
  11. In coordination with the Chairperson, cause to be prepared the agenda for all meetings of the Town Board, together with such supporting material as may be required, with nothing herein being so construed as to give the administrator authority to limit or in any way prevent matters from being considered by the Town Board.
  12. Assist in the preparation of ordinances and resolutions as requested by the Town Board members.
  13. Serve as personnel officer for the Town with responsibilities to see that complete and up-to-date personnel records, including specific job descriptions for all Town employees are kept.
  14. Coordinate periodic departmental and staff meetings.
  15. Develop and update the organizational structure of the Town inclusive of its chain and unity of reporting authority and responsibilities as approved by Town Board
  16. Ensure all employees understand what is expected of them by providing effective communications with verbal and written guidelines
  17. Establish goals and performance levels for employees and provide feedback on progress
  18. Conduct hiring, promotions and terminations with Town Board approval.
  19. Conduct and encourage continuing education and training.
  20. Conduct evaluations of non-elected town employees.
  21. Discipline employees when appropriate and per established policies and procedures.
  22. Develop and maintain updated job descriptions for all employees
  23. Direct Town personnel as required to maintain safe public operations, inclusive of periodic safety training.
  24. Insure all safety work standards are complied with.
  25. Propose and justify requests for new equipment and/or personnel.
  26. Responsible for the preparation and compilation of the annual Town Budget, and work papers for the Town Board. Schedule public meetings with Town Board to work on annual budget prior to Town meeting.
  27. Administer the budget as adopted by the Town Board.
  28. Report regularly to the Town Board on the current fiscal position of the Town and the status of expenditures relative to the Town budget.
  29. Perform such other and further duties as maybe directed from the Town Board from time to time.

                  Wisconsin State Statutes 60.37(3)          

(a) The town board may create the position of town administrator and establish the qualifications, compensation and terms of employment for the position. The town administrator may be employed to serve at the pleasure of the town board or for a fixed term. If employed for a fixed term, the town board may suspend or remove the town administrator for cause.

(b) The town administrator shall perform all lawful duties assigned by the town board which do not conflict with duties and powers conferred by law on other town officers.

(c) No elected town officer may serve as town administrator.

(d) A town may join with one or more towns, villages or cities, in any combination, to employ a person as administrator for the towns, villages or cities. The governing body of each town, village and city may enter into an agreement for this purpose, which may include agreement to share the costs of the position. The town board may not enter into an agreement under this paragraph to employ an administrator for more than 3 years unless the town meeting approves the agreement.