Sign up for Town Email Notification

In 2015 the town created an email notification system that all residents could get automatic notification on Town meetings

To set up your email notifications:
1. Go to our website
2. Click the button on the right labeled "Document Center Agenda, Minutes, Budgets etc."
3. At the top of the screen is a button called "email notifications"
4. Click the "sign up" link at the bottom of the page
5. Type in your email address
6. Set up a password
7. Type in your first and last name and create your account
8. Set your email notifications
9. Select the folders that you wish to receive email notifications on by checking the boxes
10. Then Save
11. Once you have entered the information you will receive a validation email.  Follow instructions in the email.

Once you are all set up when a document is placed in the folder such as Town Board agenda's you will receive an email with a link stating that a new agenda has been placed in the file.

If you need further help on setting this up please contact the Clerk-Treasurer's office.