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Contact Information for Candidates on April Ballot
Holiday Garbage/Recycling service remains the same for Tuesdays, December 24 & 31. Friday services will be delayed by 1 day.
Town Hall will be closed Dec 24- 25 & Dec 31-Jan. 1st for the holidays.
Town Budget Meeting Notice
Town of Waukesha Revaluation of Assessments
Trick or Treat October 31st 5:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m.
Cooperative Plan with Town of Vernon
Cooperative Plan with Town of Brookfield
Town Hall Closed - September 2, 2019
Road work to begin August 19 on Riverview and Hazelwood
Quest now used for Construction Quotes
Sex Offender Notification
Town Offices will be closed July 4th
MAY 1ST -Deadline for reporting SNOW PLOW DAMAGE
Spring weight limits - off starting April 8, 2019
Yard waste open January 5th and January 12th
Summer Reminders